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The New Generation 5 In 1 Infield Groomer

As the person responsible for the maintenance of softball and baseball fields, are you completely satisfied with your present playing conditions? We at Field Master would like to introduce a solution to your maintenance problems, THE FIELDMASTER INFIELD GROOMER.

The Field Master will provide the following benefits to your softball and baseball fields:

Help control lip buildup around apron, dethatch all grassy areas, control creeping grass from infields, add firmness to new surface with roller, remove infield high spots, help reduce and/or eliminate bad hops, fill in infield low spots, provides a base stealer surface level and smooth, and provides a uniform footing for infielders.

star(1)FREE - Floyd Perry's Pictorial Guide to Quality Grounds Keeping with purchase of each Fieldmaster Groomer.

Field Master Infield Groomer
Founded 1993

To Order Your FieldMaster, Contact Field Master For the Dealer Nearest You

Trust Your Fields to the Original Groomer And Don't Get the Blues

    15551 West 109th  Lenexa, Kansas 66219

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